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CRI Paris & Ecole Boulle

The Minima Team was born from a new partnership created between the CRI Paris and Ecole Boulle. The CRI Paris is an interdisciplinary research center which works  to promote new educational techniques and strategies to empower students to take initiative and develop their own research projects. École Boulle was founded in 1886  and it trains students in two main fields, artistic crafts  and applied arts.


Marguerite Benony


Marguerite was at the epicenter of the CRI Paris/Ecole Boulle  partnership her being a Boulle allumna herself and currently a PhD student at the CRI where she investigates the future of research laboratories in Life Sciences. She questions, by an anthropological description, what is a research laboratory today, looking at its past forms and its fictional representation, in order to think the forms of tomorrow.

Guy Aidelberg


Guy has a masters on Quantitative/Systems Biology from the Weizmann Institute and currently he is a PhD student at the CRI. His work there consists in creating a low cost gmodetective.com device for both scientific and educational purposes

Jake Wintermute


Jake Wintermute is a researcher at the CRI in Paris, where he teaches Introduction to Synthetic Biology for Master’s students. He is the creator and lead teacher for syntheticbiology1.com, a free open online course. His research interests include the biology of aging, genetic circuits to support drug discovery, and the human skin microbiome. 

Vaïana Le Coustumer


Vaïana is designer and teacher at Ecole Boulle, Paris In charge of diploma year of the design product master. She believes in the power of design and science to build a better future. As she always questions design and the way it can stimulate our living together, she pushed to make the french designer teams to work with the CRI scientists.

Esther Bapsalle

Naiane Ribeiro Rios



Early initiated to craft in her family’s environment, Esther studied theoritical design at Duperré Design School, Paris before graduating from the Ecole Boulle, Paris in Product Design. She is currently enrolled in an Industrial design master of ENSAV La Cambre, Belgium.

Born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil Naiane is a  MSc candidate at the CRI Paris working in the frontier between life sciences and inclusion. She advocates for social oriented and inclusive learning environments where Science is taught as means to empower communities allowing citizens to develop an informed opinion about Sciences and Biotechnology.

Pauline Jourdan

After attending a two-year class about architecture, graphic design and product design, Pauline graduated from the École Boulle’s design master. Through her studies she developed a strong curiosity for design work when it meets with craftwork, science, art and food.

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